Step One: Set up your account

Setting up a Scratch account

Watch this video to learn how to set up your own Scratch account. This will allow you to save your Scratch projects so that you can return to them later.

Step Two: Help Willow

Help Willow find an egg!

Use this video to help you learn how to complete the maze puzzle that was in the book, Willow finds an Egg. Code along with Willow as she shows you Hopper's subroutines and how to call them for yourself. Use this Scratch project to get you started.

Step Three: Change the theme

The egg remix

This video will take your maze project a few steps further. Learn how to change the backdrop and the characters of the game to make it your own. Willow turns hers into a space adventure, but you can choose any theme!

Step Four: Use key presses

Using key presses!

Learn how to make your sprite move around the screen using key presses. Edit the code from the egg remix and learn about event blocks!

Step Five: Investigate X and Y

Investigating X and Y

Discover how the X and Y coordinates work in your Scratch projects. This will help you add more movement possibilities to your sprites.

Step Six: Test your new skills!

A new maze

This tutorial will use a new Scratch project with a different maze to solve. Use the skills that you have learnt in the last few videos to complete the maze!