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Willow Codes is a gentle introduction to coding using the programming language, Scratch

Read the beautifully illustrated storybook then code along with Willow using the online tutorials.

Willow Finds an Egg book cover

Willow Finds an Egg

A Willow codes adventure

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A gentle introduction to Scratch programming

Image of one of the pages in the book, Willow Finds an Egg. Willow finds Hopper and asks for help.
One of the pages in the book, Willow Finds an Egg. Willow asks Hopper to help her with the puzzle pieces.

Through magical story telling


..... with video tutorials to support young coders

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Willow pointing to blocks of code created in the Scratch programming language


What is Willow Finds an Egg?

'Willow Finds an Egg' is a beautifully illustrated storybook that gently introduces young readers to the world of coding using the programming language, Scratch.

Willow loves to make up adventures when she is faced with any kind of boring task to do. In this story, Willow's Mum asks her to tidy her room and find that lost egg!

Join Willow as she becomes an explorer searching her way through a labyrinth with the help of her trusty robot friend Hopper.

Her adventures introduce readers to:

  • The importance of using precise instructions

  • Writing instructions in the correct sequence

  • Using subroutine calls (My Blocks) to create a sequence

At the end of the story, readers are encouraged to try some coding themselves. They can visit www.willowcodes.com to code along with the 'Willow Finds an Egg' video tutorials. Here, they will complete Willow's mission to find the egg and learn how to remix the code to make it their own.

'Willow Finds an Egg' is the perfect introduction to coding for readers age 4 - 7